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Terracotta Facade | Most Used Facades Around The World

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Terracotta Facade | Most Used Facades Around The World

What is the terracota facade?

What is the terracota facade?Terracota is originally an Italian word for pottery or mud. The application of this material in building facades is as products manufactured under the brand names of Terracota, Klinker and Tempio, etc. with new methods of clay and feldspar compositions with new and similar ceramic methods. Many of the features of this product are similar to porcelain ceramics and the most prominent feature of these materials is their very low water absorption and color fastness to sunlight. Today, this facade is one of Europe’s most modern and original systems of facades; the panels feature a brick and ceramic texture with a range of natural and enameled colors that bring about the best compatibility of original European architectural materials, as well as vertical and vertical communication lines. Horizontal jute tiles, one of the modern architectural elements, and a mounting system that guarantees stability and ease of application and insulation properties, as well as the ability to blend the different colors of this facade and integrate it with other facade systems such as composite aluminum and stone are among the reasons for its popularity. In the world and especially in Europe.

Where can I find high quality terracotta panels?

The following specifications have been recorded for Terracotta based on experiments and research by two research institutes in Dresden and Hanover, Germany:

1.High physical and frost resistance according to the German DIN standard (water absorption below 3.5%) and very severe temperature variability resistance at least 5 times.

2.Being fireproof means that it is fire resistant and does not deform.

3.It does not change color over time and is resistant to sunlight.

4.Providing appropriate space for insulation without being dependent on the type of substrate.

5.The water and drainage of the system can be guided by grooves and paths mounted on top of the panels.

6.Arefe suction occurs through the entire seams above each tile, and the return of the air is ensured by the distance between the wall or the insulation and behind the clinkers, thereby air conditioning.

7.Depending on the type of clinker selected, these panels can greatly reduce the amount of additional noise coming into the building, making them completely sound insulated.

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How to specify terracotta cladding?

How to specify terracotta cladding?For centuries, kiln-fired terracotta has been one of the most beautiful and long-lasting building materials that construction has known, and has only recently emerged as a warm and timeless medium for modern rainscreen design. Terracotta comes in two standard thicknesses, 18mm and 30mm.  A variety of panel lengths and heights can be utilized to create a modern, natural aesthetic. Knowing the type of terracotta panel and format size is essential in system selection, as the varying thickness and structure of the terracotta panels will help to define attachment system approach. Horizontal rail and semi-concealed ship-lap concealed systems are the most popular approaches for terracotta rainscreen applications.

Advantages and disadvantages of terracota facade panels

Advantages and disadvantages of terracota facade panelsThe features of the facade tracotta are very similar to porcelain ceramics, but one feature of these ceramic tiles is their very low water absorption, while their color remains unchanged against sunlight. The ability to integrate the Tracota facade with other facade systems is another feature of this material. The system has air circulation behind the tiles, including acoustic material and is therefore used to cover the facades of theater and music venues.

Tracotta panels are easy to operate and have a durable mounting system and can be used as an insulation. advantage of tarracota panels:

  • it does not require mortar at the time of installation and is reinforced with aluminum and steel elements. 
  • the tracota panels are natural in color and will have the same color in and out of the panel, with no change in the appearance if deep scratches on the tiles occur.
  • It is easy to maintain Trakota and it can be used in different weather conditions.

    In addition, dust and contaminants on the glazed tiles of Tracota will be significantly washed off during rain.

  • It is easy to maintain Trakota and it can be used in different weather conditions. In addition, dust and contaminants on the glazed tiles of Tracota will be significantly washed off during rain. Tracotta panels are replaceable and damaged tiles can be replaced if the tiles need to be removed or replaced.

it dose not have that much disavantages to mention.

Best places to buy terracota panels for facades

Best places to buy terracota panels for facades Unlike the traditional shots, the shelf life of the tracota is over 50 years and is easily restored and restored afterwards. They also recycle their substrates (iron and aluminum) and the bricks themselves as they renovate and use them in other projects. An example of this can be mentioned in the project of the Malali Abad Boulevard project in Shiraz, which has been developed and implemented by Ecoark Company after many years and although there is no permanent washing system but still quality Preserve your pride, and esteemed creators, architects, and visitors to the city of Shiraz look to this project for unique features to find out more about this type of ecoark. you can easily find tarracota panels on different stores.

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