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Facade Company | Best place To Choose High Quality Facade Panels

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Where is the best facade company? How we can recognize the valid quality? When you watch a building, the facade is the first thing you see immediately, So, facade can play an important role in all types of the buildings as well as the other factors. The facade manufacturers are generally producing thousands of this product in different styles and quality. So, follow the article in case of your willing. 

Facade Company | Best place To Choose High Quality Facade Panels

How many types of facades are there in the world?

How many types of facades are there in the world?

Facade is generally the exterior part of a building, consists of the most important section in constructive processes. So, the final frame of the whole building is almost recognizable by the facade. If you review the whole history of all countries, you will see that the facade of ancient and historical departments are all known by their facade and became famous by this item. So, it matters what kind of facade and pattern you do choose for the building. 

Generally, there are different types of facades by discovering more and more numbers of construction materials and according to the thousands of interests and styles, everybody can a kind of these types for an appropriate building. Also, the facade contractors always prefer to choose the ones which make the building better and attractive. So, choosing the type of facade is the contractors’ responsibility. 

The main targets of using facades are included in:

  • Protection
  • Make connections
  • Introduction
  • Being a part of the urban area

So, you now realize how much important to choose a considerable and suitable type of facade for the buildings. Moreover, the style of the facades is an introduction of your culture, religion and the style of your country as much as other factors. 

There are plenty of facade types in the whole markets and contractors can choose the most suitable one according to the climate, type of building, building usages and …

  • Brickwork and stonework
  • Precast concrete panels
  • Metallic cladding
  • Tile and stone veneer
  • Glass
  • Steel
  • Insulated render
  • Large boards of aesthetic veneer
  • Curtain walling

These are the common types of facades in the whole market. Each of these facades includes their specifications that might be different from another one. The glass facades contain the most precious and glorious type. 

Most popular and used facades in Europe

The facade is using in every part of the world, as a reminder, and particularly, the capital cities and metropolises. Asia, Europe, American, and even Australia are all famous because of some special buildings and this is exactly what is that facades do. You surely hear the name of cities for times and know a kind of famous building, tower, mosque, church, museum, and … just because of their specific facade. The facades are somehow known as the building identity. 

There are top 10 facade companies in world and so, which are all active in producing new stylish facades as well as the highest levels of quality. But the most famous these manufacturers’ names are registered on different websites and you can access them clearly. 

Every decade had a kind of facade that has a long story and today, we can realize by these histories from each other. Middle Ages and Renaissance are two main famous and historical periods on the whole history of Europe which remained thousands of valuable and exclusive architectures and facades for their next generation. Today, all of these two buildings and architecture styles are protecting as cultural heritages for these people. But the most popular styles of facades in Europe consist of the modern or a mixture of modern-traditional facades. Curtain walling and glasses are also used in a wide range. 

Curtain wall Facade company in Iran

Curtain wall Facade company in Iran

Curtain walling facades are a glassy exterior facade of the building which covers the whole area with small or large pieces of glass. This is an outer cover of the building that contains non-structural and utilized to keep the weather from out. 

Its modern lookout is a cause to use for thousands of commercial and official buildings and Iran consists of one of these countries. This country mostly uses the curtain walling is going to use in hundreds of commercial and official buildings by different styles and plans. Choosing the plans has to done by contractors. Company facades are producing newer styles of this material in Iran. The related places are located out of the city and industrial towns. Most of these companies transfer their products to the whole selling areas and stores directly, these places are exclusively operated such products and services to the customers. 

Advantages and disadvantages of glass facades

Advantages and disadvantages of glass facades

Using the glass facades is as sensitive as their breaking and it is important to observe all the introductions and attending items during purchases. There advantages and disadvantages for glass facades and people who use them for the outer part of the department. Here are some of these items:


  1. It has a considerable level of beauty and can be molded in different shapes because of its flexibility
  2. Glass facade transmits about 75-80 percentages of natural light for both sides or directions without clouding or yellowing
  3. They are good weather-resistant and can withstand different weather conditions such as snow, rain, wind, and even the sun
  4. It does not rust and never succumb its surroundings environment
  5. It requires low maintenance and swift cleaning for each month 
  6. It reduces the energy consumption for the occupants


  1. It is a cause of glare and major cons of glass
  2. It absorbs the heat like a greenhouse which is not suitable for hot climate
  3. Glass facades are not a good idea for earthquake resistance and the countries with frequent earthquakes
  4. It may a cause of high costs 
  5. Glass facade is a rigid and brittle material and can be broke by pressure

Top facade companies in the world 2019

Top facade companies in the world 2019

There are plenty of companies that are active in producing different types of facades for customers, but there are several top companies with a known brand and level of quality. 

In 2019, we are a witness for establishing dozens of other companies with a considerable situation and attractive items that they use to produce their materials. They are all mentioned in related websites.

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