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Facade Cladding Panels | Aluminium Facade Systems At Cheap Price

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Do you want to know about facade cladding panels? Are you interested in getting some information about external facade cladding, building facade systems, facade materials, panel for facade, and outdoor facade panels? The high strength and low weight of this metal has led to its use in various industries, It is used as facade cladding panels.

Aluminum is usually used as thin sheets (4mm and 5mm thick) as a coating on the sandwich panel surface, which adds to the strength of the sandwich panel and its flexibility. The disadvantages of this metal are its high price compared to other coatings for use in sandwich panels.

The heat transfer coefficient in aluminum is relatively high and therefore suitable color for coating the metal surface should be used for places where heat and cooling are important.

Facade Cladding Panels | Aluminium Facade Systems At Cheap Price

What materials are used for cladding?

What materials are used for cladding?different mateial are used for cladding, these cladgung panels are used by architects and builders to protect the interior from the surrounding environment. It is also used to improve the aesthetics of the building, and hpl protects the building from moisture and wind and improves thermal performance. The materials of this outer veneer are wood, blackboard, stone, fiber, aluminum, laminate and so on.


Many architects and builders are currently choosing new materials, including HPL. Using high-pressure HPL sheets as exterior coating materials for a variety of reasons. Are high-pressure sheets used for coating purposes. These are roofing materials used for commercial or residential space to give the building a luxurious, modern and unique look.

You can choose these sheets in different sizes, styles, textures depending on the interior decor. These sheets are of high quality resins and the best kraft paper. Hpl hp sheets are used for many applications. Here are some factors to emphasize the need and importance of HPL: HPL sheets are often used for walls, cabinet surfaces and similar work. These sheets are very useful in interior decoration work.

Various types of facade systems and their demand

Building facades use a variety of materials, including metal, stone, brick, composite, concrete, wood, etc. each of which has its own advantages. Below we introduce a variety of building facades. Stay with us. Brick facade some how best welcomed views of the past. Bricks are made in different types of production and provided to customers. For more information on the exterior and interior of the building, visit the site.

The design of the brick facade is very diverse due to the high variety of bricks and an architect can execute the most beautiful design according to his taste. The building’s brickwork is either simple or decorative, giving the building a beautiful appearance in both forms. Including types of bricks can be fireproof brick, wood design brick, interior decoration brick, mat glaze, white facade brick, red brick facade, carton, decorative, carpet, yellow facade brick, rustic, shamouti, white refractory brick , Red fireproof brick, English fireproof brick, plaque brick, Kazakh and more. The exterior brick of the building, with its wide variety of facades, gives designers and architects numerous options to decorate, each with its own beauty. Currently, many manufacturers across the country are involved in the production of brick types. Ancient brick, Azarakhsh brick, Namakhin brick, Amiri brick, Ancient ceram brick, Isfahan brick and Amin facade brick are among the most reliable quality bricks.

What is external cladding?

What is external cladding?HPL is a decorative panel that comes in various sizes and thicknesses (2 to 25 mm). The HPL panel consists of multiple layers of kraft paper. The layers of kraft paper and laminated surface of the panel are impregnated with thermosetting resins during manufacture and transformed into a densely structured sheet under high temperature and pressure. The durability and high chemical resistance and fast and stable adhesion of the resins used make the panel irreversible and irreversibly bonded. Uses of HPL panels in the building industry include dry facades, interior wall decoration, elevator trim and kitchen cabinets. The HPL panel is also widely used in other industries, such as car and car industry. HPL, which stands for High Pressure Laminate, is the name of the pages created by the combination of cellulose layers and phenolic resins. After being exposed to high temperatures of 180 ° C and pressure of 80 bar, this compound becomes a solid plate with specific technical specifications. The final surfaces of these plates are covered with colored layers and scratch-resistant coating. HPL pages are widely used in a variety of fields. For interior and exterior coatings of buildings, sheets of 6-10 mm thickness are common.

Most durabel outdoor facade systems 2019

Most durabel outdoor facade systems 2019The stone facade is one of the luxurious facades that always showcase its beauty and attraction over different times and it is executed using a variety of stones. The price of stone is higher than other materials used for painting. The Roman facade is one of the stone facades that gives the building a stunning beauty. Roman facades are selected from marble, travertine and granite, each with its own beauty and unique features. The stone facade is durable for many years and is resistant to various factors such as wind, rain, snow, sunlight, dust and so on. The stone selected for the facade of the building must be durable and otherwise not cracked due to contraction and expansion. and also it is most durable outdoor facade in 2019.

How to design beautiful facade for building?

How to design beautiful facade for building?Composite building facade design is based on the use of aluminum composite sheets. In this facade, the aluminum sheets will be of different dimensions to the final coating of the exterior of the building. The advantages of composite facade include light weight, high color variety, washability, thermal resistance, moisture and acoustics. Currently, most modern buildings are painted with colorful composite sheets because of the beauty of this facade, but the high price is one of the disadvantages of composite facades that cannot be implemented by all. The cost of a composite facade is high and this is one of the disadvantages that it is not possible for everyone to implement. Among the highlights of the building are the honeycomb composite facade.


Wooden One of the most beautiful building facades is the wooden facade that is used these days to build modern homes. Combining wood with other materials such as metal and glass doubles the beauty of the facade and makes it more special. Thermowood is a type of lumber that is lightweight but high strength. Features of this bookmark include high hardness, sound resistance, resilience, reproducibility, and more. Processed wood is the best option for the facade because it is resistant to insect infiltration, moisture and fire and extends the life of the facade. Wooden Thermood or Thermood Facade is one of the most beautiful and durable wooden facades. It is necessary to observe the basic principles in the implementation of the Thermood view.

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