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Façade materials| Facade Materials as a Smart Economic Investment

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Façade materials : The façade of the building has always been an effective member of the completed building and is a kind of birth certificate, as this part of the building has always been in front of the eyes of citizens and passersby, and thus represents the identity and style of architecture. Remains of the past indicate that one of the most widely used facades in Iran was a variety of bricks, tiles, and stones; And aluminum has been incorporated into facade technologies, and this variety of materials can now be clearly seen in all cities. As is clear, each type of building facade has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Façade materials| Facade Materials as a Smart Economic Investment

What materials are used for façade renewal?

Façade materials options : Brick has long been used as one of the building materials, and today its numerous benefits have led designers to continue to use this material in building facades. For the brick facade, the brick used for the facade should be used. These bricks can be found on the market in red, red or black. Benefits of a brick facade include:

  • Thermal insulation
  • Reduce energy loss
  • Environmental protection due to its natural structure
  • Durability and high durability
  • Preservation of historical identity

Brick facade creates a pleasant and beautiful space and due to its low heat transfer coefficient plays a great role in the thermal insulation of a building. The bricks used in the facade construction are very strong and durable. These bricks are prepared in different colors and dimensions in the furnaces and are completely refractory. Traditionally, bricks are bonded using mortar, a mixture of cement, sand, and water, but today with the advances in architecture, brick facades can be implemented using a dry facade system. The brick facade system today uses a dry facade system. This method does not use mortar to bond the bricks to each other. Metal fittings such as rails are used to attach the bricks used in the system.

What is facade treatment in architecture?

Façade materials for houses : Stone Building Facade: In recent decades, the facade of stone extraction and processing of stone has been greatly enhanced by the development of stone processing machinery. In the meantime, travertine stone, due to its great variety of colors and beautiful natural designs, has been able to stand out among other types of rocks. The pores on the surface of this stone are very suitable for installation because the cement sand mortar behind the stone penetrates into these holes and prevents it from being separated from the facade. If the back of the work is not properly filled with mortar when executing the stone facade, after a period of time with the distance created between the stone and the wall, the stone is separated from the wall and collapses, because sometimes similar stones cannot be found with the same Finds the stone has problems repairing it, Travertine stone has higher durability than other stones. In the case of other stones with smooth surfaces they are fastened to the wall by means of a tool to prevent them from detaching from the facade. Advantages of stone facade:

  • No discoloration and absorption of dust
  • Moisture resistance
  • Diversity in color and gender
  • Fast, easy and clean execution

 Stone is one of the most widely used tools for decorating the interior and exterior of a building that has been used extensively by architects from ancient times to the present. Today, the use of travertine stone has gained a good place among the types of rocks that can be used as a rockstone because of its variety of colors and designs. The rocks provide a flat surface for a building that allows the use of new methods in different angles and geometrical shapes. These days, we see Achaemenid rocks of different designs and shapes.

What is external cladding?

Façade materials modern : Modern Building Facade: Modern building facades showcase simple, detailed designs that are popular today. This type of facade utilizes modern materials and modern technologies in the building industry. Modern facades nowadays come with a variety of materials, the facade may be of the same material type, or some materials may be used to design the facade according to existing rules.

Glass Facade: With the development of glass making machines, the use of glass in modern facades of buildings has been increasingly enhanced, with all glass facades being used as a cover for modern architecture. The types of glass facades that we face today in the city include: “Frame Lace, Spider, Curtain Wall, Double Shell Glass” of course, because of the high thermal conductivity, all glass facades cause high energy consumption to provide heat and heat. They cool down, and overall, they cause energy loss. Glass Facade Benefits:

  • Has a variety of colors
  • Speed ​​up implementation
  • Ability to combine with all materials
  • Providing an unobstructed view of the outdoors for the residents inside
  • Build a sense of lightness and elegance in the building from the perspective of an urban observer

Glass is also one of the decorative tools that play an important role in the construction and decoration of buildings. The use of glass in addition to beauty can also provide the light inside the building. The quality of the glass and its soundproofing and thermal properties are very important. The use of double glazed glass or triple glazed glass is very common today, and most modern buildings devote much of their facade to glass.

How Natural stone cladding is done?

Façade materials architecture : The exterior of a building is called a facade. In the design of the building, the facade is the most important part because the facade defines the framework of work for the rest of the building components. Many views are of historical value, and in various countries there are strict laws on the subject of change, some of which prohibit any change in historical views. In traditional Iranian architecture, the arrangement is said to have been added after the completion of the building, such as adornment, stone or brick, tile and plaster. Building facades consist of two or more main facades of the building, the roof entrance and the main entrance of the building depending on the shape and type of land. We are not faced with a building in its urban space, but with their buildings and facades, meaning that the building is part of a whole called the urban space. If the building is beautiful it affects the whole city and if the building is ugly it affects the whole city.

Are Facade Materials a Smart Economic Investment?

 Building facade plays a very important role in defining and shaping the city, so one must pay close attention to the problem of homogeneity of the urban facade, because if we design the facade of any building without regard to the texture of the city and regardless of adjacent buildings. , We promote irreparable heterogeneity across the city, and by doing so, spread unwanted urban identity and conflict. Such views are effective, necessary. Any facade, with any construction material and at any cost, must be maintained in a proper manner and in the event of damage to the facade, to avoid more serious damage and ultimately to the overall facade and building as well as the damage. In order to preserve and restore the look of the building, damaged areas must be completely reconstructed. Earthquake Resistance, Impact Resistance, Freeze Resistance, Fire Resistance, Resistance to Detachment and Deprivation are of great importance in the choice of facade materials.

where to provide facade materials at affordable price?

Façade materials for high rise building : The facade is the exterior of every building. Facade design is one of the areas that most architects nowadays pay attention to because of its beauty and how it represents the art and quality of the work of the architect, engineer and designer of the building. The facade of a residential building can also reflect people’s tastes, interests, beliefs and traditions. Also, the views of each residential unit vary depending on environmental conditions such as weather, wind and storm, earthquake and the amount of air pollutants in different areas.

Other effective factors in the facade can be insulation against heat and cold, sound insulation against earthquake resistance, impact resistance, frost resistance, fire resistance and resistance to detachment and falling off the facade. , Pointed out to be applicable to tall and light buildings. The facade of the building should be flexible, meaning that it can be used in a variety of geometric shapes. The facade of the building should also be designed in such a way that, despite the protection of the indoor environment, the outdoor space is well connected to the indoor environment. For example, it is possible to illuminate the interior or use the outside landscape.

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